Christiana Scheibl

I have been an independent entrepreneur and networker, pledged to furthering complete sustainability and a better life, since 2010. Together with the Austrian company RINGANA, I am establishing a European network that promotes products which are 100% natural and fresh.

The philosophy of the firm and the possibilities it opened up for me, led me to leave my job in human resources in 2014 and begin working full-time as an ambassador for ethical, fair trade and as a network mentor, creating opportunities for others.

I have gained a fair amount of life experience in my 40 years. I have travelled, seen the world and climbed the career ladder in my chosen profession. I am healthy, happily married, have three wonderful sons and live in Upper Austria in a house in the country. You could say I had everything; however somehow I had the feeling there had to be more…

“A magic dwells in each beginning, protecting us and helping us to live” (H.Hesse)

My way

After having read an article in a business magazine on a successful, green, Austrian company, much changed in my life.

I became more able to shape my life to fit in with my own dreams. It was inspiring for me to be able to give my children all they needed, with no sacrifices on my part.

Financial freedom and independency became an option.

My new life

I gave up exchanging my time for money and finally had the time for what I believe is important.

Time for my family, my hobbies, my garden. Time and money too, for travel……that´s what I call freedom.

It is also a good feeling to be in a position to help others, to protect the environment and the animals that live in it.

It is only those who have more than they need, to live themselves, that can share with others.