Your great opportunity

You can work wherever and with whoever you choose, backed by a successful, Austrian business partner working in some of the most promising markets of this century.

You can enjoy risk-free independence together with the freedom to manage your own time – your level of commitment is determined by you.

Make use of your time to your own advantage!

Self-determination in your career

Start your career based on your own capacities and what is possible for you. You decide when, where and with whom you work and schedule it according to how much effort you are able to invest.

Working from home and managing your own time are great opportunities for shaping a free and independent life.

No risk self-employment

Develop your own business without any financial risk, in trending markets dealing in organic, ethically produced, sustainable, vegan cosmetics and health and fitness products, sold online from your own home office.

Here is your chance to make your dream of independence come true with the backing of an Austrian company.

Opportunities across Europe

Work locally or in the whole of Europe – YOU decide!

Establish a network of customers and partners from the comfort of your own home.

Income prospects

Choose your income! Everything is possible, from a few hundred euros to a respectable five figures, per month.

It all just depends on you, how much time and effort you are able and willing to invest and above all, how long you keep at it.

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