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Our vision is to help human beings to live a good life in a better, healthier world, and has been for over 25 years.

An Austrian, prize-winning, family business that manufactures green, ethically sound products offers you the chance to gain your own independence with help from a strong partner at your side.

This company is called RINGANA and its exceptionally business philosophy:


RINGANA stands for sustainable, ethical and fair consumption and for products that combine natural with hi-tech.

Your career opportunity

In the beginning, there was the vision of healthy, ethically produced products. From this, a business has grown that how has a yearly turnover of over 160 million euros and a growth rate of between 30 and 50% pa.

25 years of research and development into hi-tech, all-natural FRESH cosmetics have resulted in the best products available on the market. The same applies to energy drinks and fitness products suitable for both hobby and competing athletes.

It is simple and easy to build up a sustainable business with references such as these.

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